Mobility Platform Austria (MPO)

Based on a joint technical software platform, the MPO is the Austria-wide partnership for the efficient operation of innovative mobility solutions and their flexible and cooperative further development.

From a service user’s viewpoint, the MPO provides the basis for qando, a service that is running successfully in several Austrian cities. It consists of separate services with different content that are matched to the specific circumstances of the local partner, e.g. the integration of locally available systems (routing, disruption information, etc.). The layout can be adapted to match the corporate identity of each partner, and it is also possible to integrate Austria-wide services, such as the Traffic Information Austria (Verkehrsauskunft Österreich - VAO).

The MPO as an opportunity

From an operations viewpoint, the MPO enables their partners to become central urban mobility providers. New synergies are created through a stronger interconnectedness amongst the partners and other mobility providers. This results in an increasingly strong presence even in related areas such as tourism.

With a joint innovation budget and cost sharing for new and further developments in place, the funds invested are used efficiently to enable on-going innovation in the long term.

For marketing purposes, the MPO – as a joint brand – offers improved visibility and cost savings for communication. Furthermore, it facilitates a standardised access to mobility information for the customer.

To fully prepare for future challenges, the MPO provides a forum for joint strategy plans and the further development of mobility solutions.

MPO functionality

The MPO functionality is illustrated below with two innovation partners who share a joint software and design pool and use this to offer individual services to their customers. An innovation partner can also set up and run a number of standalone services based on the joint platform.